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Help us create a habitats themed play area

We would like you to help us to fundraise in order to build inclusive unique wildlife focussed play opportunities for our diverse local community. 

Our current play area is tired and run-down and in need of urgent refurbishment.

We will create a playscape that engages them with natural elements. Our play equipment will help children to understand the natural world and our place within it, which should lead to a respect for animals and plants, alongside a desire to care for the environment.
The focus of the play area will be animal habitats, with planting on the slope near the substation creating genuine habitats for native wildlife. The new barrier with the farm will have viewing windows at different heights so children can peep through at cows and birds. The play area will include opportunities to climb, balance, swing & slide, as well as for imaginative play. Ideas that we’ve had include a giant birds nest with eggs that the children can climb into, a tunnel slide that burrows through the ground, instruments inspired by the striation of a grasshopper, giant honeycomb to delve into, a climbing structure modelled on a minibeast hotel and a spiders web. A variety of surfaces and ground heights offer exciting new perspectives, with trees and bushes acting as a catalyst for children’s play ideas.

Thanks to donations from The Minniapolis Foundation – General Mills, Heart of Bucks Community Foundation for Buckinghamshire, Mobbs Memorial Trust, and The National Lottery Community Fund, we have been able to get started. We now need your help to do the rest!


Fundraise for us or donate

Iver Environmental Centre is always grateful for the support of our local community. We’re a small but committed team and our large site requires a lot of maintenance, plus the occasional big landscaping job to keep it safe and looking good for our visitors.

We’re always looking for local people and businesses who would like to support us in our mission to provide a safe and magical space for children to discover the wonders and benefits of nature.

The equipment and materials we currently need can be seen on our Amazon wishlist.

Alternatively you can donate online through Paypal:


Here are some materials your donation will be spent on:

  • £5 would buy enough seeds for 300 students to dissect one each and identify the different parts
  • £7 would buy a large bag of compost for planting seeds in our greenhouse
  • £20 would buy smell pots for students to use their sense of smell whilst becoming “Herb Detectives.”
  • £60 would buy us a puncture proof wheelbarrow
  • £100 would pay for new bird feeders and enough bird food to last a year
  • £250 would build a raised bed for people with mobility issues to plant in
  • £300 would sponsor a full day visit from a class that cannot afford to come to Iver Environment Centre
If you, your organisation or business would like to raise funds or donate to Iver Environment Centre, we’d love to hear from you: